Field Optics Operator Pro 32 Tripod


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The Operator 32DTC3 ASFPL-MIL Tripod System is an entirely new class of tripod design. The patent pending design by Field Optics was created with the primary purpose of creating the lightest and strongest MIL/LE, hunting & shooting tripod ever invented. And we did...  The Operator 32DTC3 ASFPL-MIL is only 4.15 lbs, 58" tall with a pack dia of 3.5".

The design is similar to a BowlTop style tripod but with a DomeTOP, the tension handle is above the tripod frame rather than below the frame, in-between the legs. This provides greater access to the tension handle and far superior ergonomic control, especially in a dynamic-moving target situation.

The system has +/- 30 deg of pitch and 360+ deg of pan. It comes standard with an Arca Swiss F-Picatinny Lever Clamp head assembly and utilizes the FORI Band Clamp System. Due to its modular design, the ASFPL can be replaced by any standard tripod head via the 1/4-20 x 3/8-16 stud adapter. The tripod legs consist of 3 segment twist lock removable legs, 32mm dia carbon fiber material.

Additional information

Head Style

55mm dia, Arcs Swiss F-Picatinny Lever Clamp

Tripod Interface

1/4-20 x .36 LG stud can adapt to 3/8-16 to mount any tripod head


4.15 lbs

Max Height


Min Working Height


Load Capacity

125 lbs

Pitch Range

+/- 30 deg

Pan Range

+/- 360 deg

Folded Length


Leg Segments

3, twist lock

Leg Type

100% Carbon Fiber

Leg Size

Sections: 1:32mm, 2:28mm, 3:23mm

Leg Angle Positions

25, 55, 85, 105 deg

Detachable Legs


Foot Style

Rubber Foot


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