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Introducing the Bix'n Andy TacSport PRO-X Trigger
The Bix'n Andy TacSport PRO-X represents the pinnacle of trigger technology, setting a new standard for precision and reliability. Designed for the Remington 700 and compatible systems, the TacSport PRO-X is the next generation of the acclaimed TacSport Pro series, boasting advancements that cater to the most demanding shooters in PRS, competitive shooting, and hunting.

Next-Generation Design and Features
The TacSport PRO-X is crafted from the ground up with performance in mind. Its housing is made from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum, anodized in a striking cobalt blue, ensuring both durability and a distinctive appearance. The internal components are precision-finished stainless steel, polished to perfection, providing a crisp, clean trigger pull every time. With features such as built-in over-travel, a choice of trigger shoes straight from the factory, and the same rugged housing known for its performance, the TacSport PRO-X is in a class of its own.

  • Pull Weight: Adjustable from 3.5 ounces to 2.2 pounds, allowing shooters to find the perfect resistance.
  • Safety Features: Includes a top right safety with the option for a removable safety, ensuring versatility and security.
  • Optional Bolt Release: Enhances functionality, catering to a wide range of shooting disciplines and preferences.

Durable and Versatile
The TacSport trigger housing is engineered to withstand extreme conditions, whether it's wet, dusty, or anything in between. This makes it an ideal choice for precision rifle series (PRS), competition shooting, or hunting, ensuring reliability when it matters most.

Proven Performance
Championed by renowned shooters like Austin Orgaine, the TacSport Pro has already made its mark in competitive shooting, securing 2nd place in the PRS and 3rd place in the NRL. Its successor, the TacSport PRO-X, is set to elevate this legacy even further.

Customization at Its Core
With an adjustable trigger pull weight ranging from 3.2 ounces to 2 pounds and the ability to choose between single or double stage triggers, as well as left or right upper safety, the TacSport PRO-X can be perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're optimizing for ELR (Extreme Long Range), PRS, F-Class, or hunting, this trigger offers unparalleled customization options.

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Stainless Steel




TacSport Pro-X


Remington 700


Top Right Safety


Single Stage


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